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We at Be Well and Thrive believe that as people, we are innately designed and created to heal and thrive. To feel our absolute best more than not. With all the programs or products promising the moon, too busy lives, taking care of everyone else (looking at you, mamas!), and trendy (but empty) self-care, it's more like we are hardly surviving, far from thriving! That's where I come in. Be Well & Thrive aims to help all of our clients live their healthiest, fullest lives. We explore where you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually and uncover the potential of where you  can be. We help you journey toward your best version of you.  That usually requires more than one step,  but that's where wellness becomes confusing and where your experience becomes unique. I am your wellness navigator. Together, we explore your root and create a plan to get you thriving, living YOUR best life.

Are you ready and willing to take the steps to be well? Not just well but thriving?

Great. Let's do this! 

Let's connect virtually, from the comfort of wherever you are, for wellness consulting!

I am so excited to know you and help you Be well & Thrive!

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Our bodies are incredible. They tell us when something is "off". Our thoughts,  traumas, and beliefs impact our physical health. Our physical health impacts our emotional and mental health. What we eat, how we treat our bodies, what we tell ourselves... it all matters.  Basically, we are all connected. We are mind, body, and spirit. To truly Be Well & Thrive, we have to look at ourselves through this whole lense, not as compartmentalized pieces of a person. That's what we do at Be Well & Thrive. We provide counseling and consulting services through this whole person perspective.


I live south of Denver, Colorado (actually a native!) with my incredible husband and sweet and adventurous 3 year old daughter. I love living life to the absolute full, and all things adventure, travel and outdoors! I could talk healthy living and personal growth all day long and am obsessed with podcasts in that genre!  I have an undergraduate degree in Communication Theory and Psychology as well as a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I cannot wait to meet you!

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Are you ready to work toward being your best self? Lets explore what that will take for you. It's not usually one single fix all, but a combination of steps. That is what I help you discover. I want to help make that process less confusing and overwhelming. I help along this journey. The time is now. You deserve your best self. Your family deserves your best you. Your job deserves your best you. The world needs YOU being your best you.

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Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small. You are meant for greater things.



Get in touch today to schedule
and let's set you on the path to thriving!
This is the first step. Go you!


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