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Video Interview: Clean up your products &feel your best + EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of chatting with Somah of Savitur Botanicals.

She is the founder and owner and I have to admit- I am obsessed with every thing we have gotten from her! While I was under the impression that a certain very large essential oil company was the purest and to be trusted, I find her oils to be even better. Spend 1 minute listening to her share her knowledge of essential oils and you can tell she knows what she's talking about.

While I didn't go into this interview (link is below or you can click here ) thinking I would be talking about the intersection of cleaning products and mental health, it was fun to chat about this again. This topic used to be a basically daily conversation a few years ago when I was still running my H2O at Home business. It was fun chatting through this again though. It's an area I find many, even those who are conscious about their health, often brush aside and stick with the conventional products for various reasons despite their harmful ingredients and affects.

I find people are overwhelmed with the copious choices and greenwashing that occurs with cleaning products so people tend to gravitate to what they are familiar with and have been using for years. Or they think they are making a better choice by grabbing the Tide Free and Clear or Meyers.

Which leads me to my announcement!

Cleaning up your products really can be overwhelming so I am excited to announce a new service I am offering in addition to my regular holistic wellness coaching services.

Ditch & Switch sessions!

Are feeling overwhelmed with where to start detoxifying your products?

Are unsure if the products you are using are impacting your health negatively?

Are you wanting to start small, with one product category at a time or want to do a total overhaul?

I am here to help!

We will chat through what you are using a develop a replacement plan that will leave you feeling great and without the emotional and physical burden of toxic products!

Comment "so fresh and so clean" below if you are interested in setting up a Ditch & Switch session! I looove helping people clean up their products with simple replacements and watching their health soar! Check out the Offerings tab above for more info.

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