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You are enough. (Workshop Announcement!)

I want you you to know: You ALREADY have everything in you that you need. How does that feel to read that? Maybe go back and read it a few more times

I am SO excited to announce a NEW workshop I will be offering this month. It's a Worthy Woman Workshop.

It's easy to get distracted and off track with caring for ourselves. After all, everyone else's needs are more important, right?

"What would I do, even IF I COULD take some time for myself"?

"It's selfish to take care of myself"

"There's no time to take care of myself" Or not enough money, or....

Do you ever say any of these?

How about, "Everything is fine!" but maybe you're stressed to the max, unhappy and not even realizing it. Or maybe you are but don't know what to do about it. Maybe you've chalked it up to the season of life you're in because of the ages of your kids or .... you fill in the blank.

Maybe the narrative you tell yourself, about yourself, is so hurtful, you wouldn't even say it to your your worst enemy. Maybe you don't even realize the story you are living out of.

If any of this resonates, please consider joining

us for our very first Worthy Woman Workshop.

You, my dear, are beautiful. You are so loved. You are enough. You have everything in you that you need. You are worthy. My hope is for more woman to KNOW this, in the depths of who they are! Women are amazing (that's an understatement) and imagine a world where moms, wives, sisters, daughters KNEW this and LIVED out of this. Beautiful.

The details are still being ironed out, but for now, save the date: October 24th at 12 MST. It will (most likely) be recorded, so no worries if you can't join live. We'll gather on Zoom (here is the link to join: ) and let's join together to love ourselves so beautifully that we go into the world and love those around us from a place of fullness and worthiness.

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