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Burnout Busting with Chris Vasiliadis

We at Be Well and Thrive believe that we are ALL designed and created to THRIVE! Each week we interview amazing practitioners, therapists, coaches and more all on the mission to help people live their best lives and THRIVE.

This week: Chris Vasiliadis of Priority Wellness talks to us about burnout! She believes that prioritizing your well-being is the secret weapon to being engaged in and successfully leading your work and non-work life. She also just came out with a book, Ignition! About her book: "Ignition: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Energized, Burnout-Proof Living is a personal growth book that ushers women into igniting their energy and avoiding burnout. Chris Vasiliadis, whose multiple sclerosis diagnosis indirectly led to launching her health coaching career, wrote Ignition to help women press pause, re-evaluate the “hamster wheel” of chronic overdoing that is unsustainable and sidelining their health, and instead choose ways of doing and being that elevate their performance. In its three parts, using exercises, questions, tips and women’s stories, readers craft their own path through Ignition’s elements, ultimately creating a customized ninety-day action plan for energizing and burnout-proofing their ways of living."

Join our community of others seeking to live THEIR best lives!

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